Sunday, January 13, 2013

Book 3 in my 50 book challenge

It's only the 13th day of the year and I have already finished my 3rd book in my "Read 50 books in 2013" challenge.
Today I finished "Old Before My Time: Hayley Okines' Life with Progeria by Hayley and Kerry Okines", finishing it in just a few days. Our health is something we all take for granted and I had had this book pop up on a list of recommended reading, so I picked it up on my Kindle. I really enjoyed this story. I have heard of people with Progeria before, but I didn't really know much about the disease, other than the fact it made children age at a much faster rate than children without it. Through this book, I got to know Hayley and learn more about Progeria. This young woman has such a positive attitude in the face of so much adversity. And her mother, Kerry, speaks from the heart with her struggles to deal with the diagnosis and the fact that her first born was not expected to live past the age of 13. I really enjoyed reading this book and recommend it to anyone who needs a little positivity in their life.

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