Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Life is a Highway, I want to ride it all night long....

I apologize for my lack of entries.  I am not often comfortable sharing my thoughts with others but I am hoping that by documenting them, and my journey, it will help me and perhaps, it will help someone else.

My husband and I went to Michigan over the 4th of July.  I got a nice camera for Christmas and took it with me and seized the opportunity to try to learn how to use it.  He thought he would teach me how to sneak quietly up on deer.  We got spotted a few times and I did get some nice shots, but got startled on one occasion while we were being stared down by 2 adult deer to find 2 fawns laying in the weeds not 10 feet away.  When they jumped up to escape, I think we both jumped 10 feet in the air.

I am loading my pictures when I take them onto Flickr and I am also posting some at  I don't do any real editing to them at the moment, but maybe someday I will.

We've also started a journey of getting fit.  We both could stand to lose a few pounds...a lot of pounds to be exact and while right now we are just trying to decrease  our portions and incorporate more exercise, we will eventually start doing more.  We need to build good habits, and I know that in the past, if I tried to do too much, I failed.  So, it's baby steps for me. 5-10 minutes on the treadclimber and working my way up.  Baby steps.  I want this to be something I don't have to do again.  I want to be healthy and at a healthy weight without having to start this weight loss process again.  So, I feel it best to start slow, and incorporate these changes into my life until they become second nature to me.

This picture is a beautiful summer day here in Central Illinois that I actually took on my phone.  I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.  I did do a tiny bit of editing on this, but not much.  With my phone I tend to take a lot of pictures of my dogs..and the clouds.