Sunday, April 12, 2015


Mother's Day weekend I will be finally having a graveside remembrance for my mother in Toledo.  It will either be Friday or Saturday, depending on my sister's availability. I am not sure how many people will come, as the only way for me to reach some of them is via my mom's facebook page.  Even if no one were to come, it will be my daughter's first chance to say goodbye "in person" so the trek is important to her as well as it is to me.

I am planning to order some flowers to be delivered the day before.  I am writing something, that I can say to those who do come...sort of a eulogy....and my daughter is writing something as well.  I hope it's a beautiful day.

I miss mom a lot. It's just been a year, and I am just starting to come to terms with some of my feelings.  It's hard to lose a parent, but I do know that she is in a better longer sick, and reunited with her parents and brother.  It is we who miss her.