Saturday, September 26, 2015

What kind of reader are you?

Hardback, paperback, or e-books?  Do you have a preference?  Is one better than another?

Personally, I really don't care about the format.  I got a Kindle a few years ago from my family for Christmas (the original Kindle that doesn't have a web browser or anything on it) and I have approximately 100 books on it.  But, my reading isn't confined to just that format.

I have bookshelves with paperbacks and hardbacks alike.  Sometimes, I am too impatient to wait for a book to come out in paperback, so I will buy it in hardback.  It really just depends on the book.

I am a member of paperbackswap and I will offer up books that I am finished with, and also order books from another reader who has finished with it. This really saves on my expenses, AND most of the books i have gotten were in excellent condition.  It's a great resource for book lovers, and since you mail out most books at the "book rate", it's not too expensive.

I worked in a library for a couple of years, and I have to admit, I LOVE the smell of a brand new hardback.  Especially art books.  With an ereader you don't get that, but you do get easier portability.  Although I often, when going on vacation, have a paperback and my Kindle with me.  I like a little variety when I am reading and sometimes I may be reading a nonfiction book, but on my kindle, I am reading a romance or mystery.

Anyway, I know this is just a random post, but I thought it would make a good blog post today.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I will remember you...

Sometimes memories come crashing down on me.  They can be quite overwhelming at times but often they can be peaceful.  

The memories can hit me at random times throughout the day, or they come in my sleep.  A song can play on the radio, that makes me pause for a moment and reflect on who or what it reminds me of.

Maybe I'm Amazed; You are My Sunshine and The Climb (Miley Cyrus) are three songs that stir up memories.  The Climb was the favorite song of my late niece and it was played at her funeral.  It's been 4 years since her death and I still cannot listen to that song without crying.  It's not so bad anymore since the song isn't played on the radio as much.  Depending on where I am I may just turn it off when it comes on, but sometimes I listen all the way through.  While it makes me cry, it brings me comfort.  It makes me think of Carly and her beautiful smile and how she touched our lives.

I read a quote this morning, "Memories warm you up from the inside, but they also tear you apart" (Haruki Murakami) and I totally get it.  But, without memories, what do we have?  People come in and out of our lives.  Sometimes, they are meant to be in your life forever, but sometimes, they are meant to be there for only a short time.  When I remember these people, I smile, because they each brought something to my life that I needed at the time.  Sometimes, I admit, I didn't appreciate them the way I should have, and maybe pushed them away, but despite that, their mere presence in my life I will not forget.

It's something to think about anyway.

That's my thought for today.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Walk to End Alzheimer's.

This past Saturday, my daughter and I participated, for the 3rd time, in the Walk to End Alzheimers. Once again, we were moved to tears. The local event us growing in participants every year, and that either means Alzheimer's is affecting more and more people, or there are more people wanting to show their support, and work towards finding a cure.

At the event, walkers get to choose a flower to personalize and "plant in the ground" during the walk, and take home after the event.  There are different colors, that mean different things.  A yellow flower means you are a caregiver, purpler means you have lost someone, orange means you are a supporter, and blue means you have Alzheimers.  This year we noticed more orange and more purple, but less yellow than in past years.  Someday there will be less purple...someday there will be no more reason to walk at all, as there will be a cure!

I always want to thank those who support us every year, whether it be with a donation to our team "Memories Matter", or if you just supported us with your encouragement.  It means a lot to us.  I also want to thank my Avon customers who, through local orders, and online orders, donated over $60 to the Alzheimer's foundation!  Thank you so very much!