Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas hi-jinks

I asked for basically two things for Christmas this year.  A new iPad (the one I have now was my mother's and was only 8GB so kept crashing and I couldn't put much on it), and a newer Fitbit (one of the watch styles).

So, what I found under the tree was a box, too big to be either one.  Since my family has been known to get me gifts that I asked for in previous years, I was excited to find out what was in the box.  My husband had my daughter bring the box over and told me it was very fragile, and to be careful how I opened it...not to put it upside down or on its side.  That got me curious.  So, I unwrapped it, and opened the box.  I saw two pairs of socks.  Not even women's socks.  Two pairs of his boot socks.

Hmm.  I laughed and pulled the socks out, and I saw a book.  Interestingly enough, it was a book I had on my bookshelf.  Seriously, did my husband buy me a book I already had.  I laughed and said "I already had this" which had everyone else laughing.  I then pulled out two more books "hey, I have these books too" i giggled and laid them on the floor.  Finally, after pulling out 6 books (that came off my bookshelf) I find the real gift.  A new iPad mini in Rose Gold and with 64GB of memory! Yes.

I love it when my family listens to me.  We wish they had thought to videotape it, because it was so funny.  I was laughing so hard, tears were falling.  Priceless and definitely a Christmas to remember. I only wish my son had been here with us to celebrate.

Maybe next year!