Sunday, May 1, 2016

Does heaven have a mailing address?

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon and I decide it's time to sit out and address the Mother's Day cards I picked out.  I have them all done, signed, stamped and ready for tomorrow's mail, when I realize I have one left over.  That doesn't make sense to me, as I didn't think I missed any, so I look at all the mother in-law, my sister-in-law, my sister and my niece..yes, they are all done.  So I look at the remaining card.    It says "For a Wonderful Mother on Mother's Day".....

Oh damn...I did it again this year.  Bought my mother a Mother's Day card.  She passed two years ago on March 31st.  It was understandable that year when I bought grief was still fresh and raw and I couldn't even think straight.  Then last year, well, it slipped my mind. I even remember thinking, "Mom would love this", and the card ended up in my basket.  But this year...I read through the cards at the store, and made a mental check of the ones I needed.  I needed 4..but I got 5 and didn't even realize it.

I guess it's just proof that the loved ones you have lost are never really ever far from your mind.

I miss you mom.  Happy Mother's Day.